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Obesity in children and unpleasant consequences

Obesity in children and unpleasant consequences

Obesity, both in early childhood and during pregnancy, can lead to very serious health disorders! 

This day and age, with our busy daily lives, we often do not have time to eat healthy. Stress and other factors affect our body weight. Unfortunately, this problem affects not only adults. Globally, obesity has affected a large proportion of the world population and it is an increasingly common health problem. The sad thing is that many children and adolescents also suffer from obesity. According to surveys among children in Europe held in 2010/2011, every third child in ages between 6 and 19 years is overweight and one in seven children is obese. 

By comparison, in 2004 one out of five children was overweight and one in twenty children was obese. The problem is becoming more and more serious. In adults, obesity is associated with increased blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and other similar disorders, as well as certain mental issues. But the children are even much more vulnerable. 

Obesity in early childhood can lead to much more serious problems. We kind of consider it normal for people to have high blood pressure, and so on, but the last thing we want for our children is to have such problems. Statistics are getting scarier though. Very often pre-diabetic conditions are discovered among the 5-year-olds. A quarter of the overweight children exhibit signs of glucose intolerance (risk factor for the development of Type 2 diabetes). We all know how serious diabetes can be by itself, not to mention all side effects, such as loss of eye sight, kidney problems, hypertension and other. On top of it, as the medical complications do not go away, the children become subject to ridicule and bullying by their peers. The ridicule becomes especially cruel and intolerant during their adolescence, when they begin to experience romantic feelings and love. Their low self- esteem urges them to be reckless with regard to their health. Usually they are ashamed to share these problems with their parents. Extreme diets, starvation, taking drugs without prescription, or other artificially synthesized substances from friends or strangers can lead to serious health problems. Some of these issues become really drastic right around the time of proms and graduation. The exhaustion and stress of the finals take serious tall on their bodies, even when they do not experiment with their health. Struggling with extra weight is so hard on adults, but what is a child to do when faced with obesity?!? 

In order to treat obesity in children they should not be subjected to heavy diets, which may depress them even further. We need to teach them to live healthy - to shut down the electronic devices and go out, eat healthy and nutritious food, and curt down or even drop the junk food. 
Their bodies must gradually become accustomed to a normal and natural functionality. If their extra weight turns into obesity and just changing the diet is not enough, you should look for a natural remedy that promotes and supports the natural processes in their body. 

Herba Detox Tea is the answer to these questions. It is a completely natural product made up of several herbs in a certain proportion. It does not contain impurities, glues or artificial enhancers. The natural ingredients in Herba Detox Tea help the functions of the body in a natural way. First, the body is released from toxins and all poisons that interfere with metabolism. After the detoxification of the body, Herba Detox Tea helps maintain the natural course of the body metabolism. The normally functioning body begins to absorb, "melt", and discards excess fat and the extra pounds disappear. Unlike artificially synthesized drugs, which affect the nervous system and the hormone levels chemically, this "miracle" tea, as users call it, only supports our vital systems, so our body regulates the processes by itself in a most natural way. 
Among the benefits of using Herba Detox Tea are the elimination of the effects of stress and the enhancement of our immune system, thus leading to a better quality of life. 

Stay healthy and make the right decisions for your health and that of your children. Trust the proven natural tea recipe! 

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