The most important factor when we want to lose weight is the nutrition. The organism works with what we give to  it. Even if we adhere to a healthy diet, we inevitably eat  food  containing a large amount of chemicals strange for the body. Once we discharge  ourselves from  poisons and unnatural for the body  substances , the body  can manage  its known metabolites.

TEA helps the body to "remember" how to work normally. There are no side effects, and during the use of it,  there is a calmness  of the whole organism. You get   the dreamy lightness in the stomach

100% natural herbs

Herba Detox Tea VS cellulitis

Herba Detox Tea

get slim

Why Lose Weight With Herba Detox tea ?

Cleans the body of toxins
  • Helps the body to release the accumulated toxins
  • Helps to absorb the beneficial substances
  • Strengthens the immune system and protects against allergies
  • An efficient and healthy method of restoring harmony in the body
An effective method of weight loss
  • Burns fat in the most difficult areas of weight loss
  • It gets better and regularizes the metabolism
  • Removes love handles, abdominal fat and cellulite
  • Makes better the physique for a long period, no yo-yo effect
Herba Detox Tea VS cellulitis
organic product, containing 100% herbs
  • Natural formula for health and an attractive physique
  • Contains only pure natural herbs
  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals
  • The best herb yields and impeccable quality control
effectiveness confirmed by our customers
  • Good decision in our busy everyday life
  • Releases the body from the retained water
  • Without the need for diets and heavy physical loads
  • 100% natural product with quality guarantee
How to lose weight with herbal detox tea

How does Herba Detox Tea works?

  • Herba Detox Tea supports the normal metabolism, helps the body to break down the oldest subcutaneous fat of  the most difficult to lose weight sites, stimulates the digestive and secretory system in a completely natural way, helps to identify and remove harmful  substances. This makes it possible to start up the natural mechanisms of self-regulation of weight. Under these conditions and with the removal  of toxins from the body, the  retention of fat is prevented after stopping the consumption of Herba Detox Tea.
  • There are no side effects - no fatigue or stress. On the contrary, you begin to feel better, you will feel only after a few days of consumption. However, these are pure, unprocessed herbs in a preserved natural state and without any additional admixtures.
  • The way  to a good and attractive physique in our busy daily routine life is difficult, but we make it much more enjoyable with drinking a cup of tea, and the process is greatly relieved. Herba Detox Tea is very popular among athletes because in combination with sports, it accelerates up to eight times the fat burning, and this helps all muscles to be exhibit. In the fashion sector, Herba Detox Tea is indispensable, maintaining a slender figure and good health without worrying about overeating and weight gain!



herba detox tea - билки

Herba Detox Tea contains carefully selected herbs. Uniquely combined, they act in a unique way on the human body. Looking at each herb individually we will learn what kind of gift they are from the nature, but gathered together in exact proportions they are indispensable in the fight against obesity and toxins.

    <span class=text-block>RESTHARROW </span>ONONIS
    <span class=text-block>BUCKTHORN</span>RHAMNUS
    <span class=text-block>ALCHEMILLAЕ</span> VULGARIS
     <span class=text-block>ARCTOSTAPHYLOS </span> <span class=text-block></span>UVA-URSI
    <span class=text-block>FENNEL</span>(FOENICULUM VULGARE)
    <span class=text-block>SENNA </span>CASSIA ACUTIFOLIA

Method of preparation

  • 1.
    herba detox tea - step of preparation 1

    Put 500 ml of water in a suitable pot and wait the water to boil!

  • 2.
    herba detox tea - step of preparation 2

    Once the water is already boiling, add 2 tablespoons of Herba Detox Tea!

  • 3.
    herba detox tea - step of preparation 3

    Leave the tea to boil for 5-6 minutes on medium fire with a lid!

  • 4.
    herba detox tea - step of preparation 4

    Remove from the hot plate and let the tea in the pot for 1 hour with a closed lid!

  • 5.
    herba detox tea - step of preparation5

    Mix well and filter!

How do I consume?

1. Take 4 x 100 ml. every day on empty stomach (at least 30 minutes before meals)!
2. Take 21 days without interruption!
3. Every daily dose  is prepared for the day of consumption!
4. For long term use, make a pause of 7-10 days after every 21 days!

5. Eat without any sweeteners!
6. Store the prepared tea at room temperature or in a refrigerator!
7. Keep the package and the prepared  tea of direct sunlight!
8. Do not reheat the finished tea!


Do not cook in a microwave or electric kettle! Do not be consumed by children under 10 years of age, during pregnancy or during breastfeeding! Do not exceed the daily dose! Do not expose the finished tea to direct sunlight! TEA has no contraindications, but for your safety in case of diabetes, ulcer, hypertension or other intra-stomach problems, consult your doctor before taking it! Consume up to 24 hours after cooking! Consume  without sugar, sweeteners or other sweetening products! Take Gold Tea on empty stomach!
Gold tea is not a substitute for regular and complete nutrition! For the maximum effect, take the daily amount of water required for you!

How long time to consume it ?

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