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Powerful detoxification of the body with Herba Detox Tea

Powerful detoxification of the body with Herba Detox Tea

Detoxification is the first step towards a healthy and beautiful body! 

Why is it so important? To answer this question, we need to talk about toxins first. What are they and where they come from, what are the factors causing toxin retention in our bodies and what is our attitude towards the extra pounds we carry. 
At each meal and absorption of nutrients there are waste products set aside in our body. The bio-chemical process of transformation of nutrients into building materials generates poisonous byproducts as well, such as ammonia. Our liver is the organ that keeps us from self-poisoning. It extracts and sends such toxins to the intestines and the urinary tract for disposal. Unfortunately, today’s foods, air and water contain chemicals and unnatural compounds that poison our bodies. In addition there are alcohol and prescription medications that also poison our bodies. 
Now is the time to mention the Es: All those substances that make our food looking picture perfect, but have no nutritional value: artificially added preservatives, emulsifiers, enhancers, colorants, flavors and the like. During digestion they take the form of various poisons and some even become carcinogenic substances. Our organism was not programmed to deal with the Es. In an effort to protect itself from their harmful effects, it "locks" them inside fat deposits. Some of the substances that are added in food cause water retention and extra weight, and others even have an addictive effect. Another unwanted side effect of those chemicals in our body is the formation of slag in the intestines. Our bowels turn into the "dump site" of the body. If proteins stay retained longer in the intestinal tract, certain rotting processes begin, which create even more toxins. 
As a result of the mentioned above, we feel sluggish, we get tired faster and easily, we suffer from insomnia and lack of concentration, discomfort of the whole body, stomach aches, metabolic disorders, etc. Stress is also a factor in detaining toxins in the body. Our body naturally redirects energy where it is most needed. Stress triggers its self-preservation mechanisms and as a result the body takes energy away of the digestive system. As digestion becomes slower, so the extra pounds become a reality. 

Detoxification is vital for the proper functioning of the basic human systems. 

On a happier note, we should say that there are simple ways to get rid of the toxins. 

The amount of toxins in the body depends on our diet, the type of food we eat and a number of other factors. For example a weight loss diet is not always effective because by losing fat there is a danger of releasing the "locked" toxins and getting our body sick. The body knows it so it detains the fat deposits. So the first step towards weight loss should be detoxification. 

Fortunately, Herba Detox Tea removes 100% of the toxins in our bodies, and it has been tested by thousands of people around the World. WE shouldn’t be afraid of the toxins anymore. And this is only one of the many beneficial effects that Herba Detox Tea has on our body. By discarding the toxins, we give our body the opportunity to function properly and burn fat. We have already mentioned the relation between toxins and junk depositions in our bodies. The length of the detoxification process depends on the quantities of toxins. The next good effect of Herba Detox Tea is to stimulate the normal processes in our digestive system. Using Herba Detox Tea has no side effects because it is entirely a natural herbal product containing pure herbs harvested in Bulgaria. It contains no chemicals that aggravate further the chemical chaos in our body. Detoxify your body and stay healthy and attractive! 

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170 g.
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