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We lose weight while we sleep – sounds incredible, but it is a 100% proven fact!

We lose weight while we sleep – sounds incredible, but it is a 100% proven fact!

While we sleep, our brain is busy with a body analysis!
Overeating is a serious problem of our time.
The more the technology evolves, the more we sit down. In recent years more and more people are working in front of a computer, driving instead of walking to work, with the always busy lifestyle we have less and less time to ourselves and never enough time to rest. Besides moving less, one of the main factors for the extra weight is stress. Affecting our hormonal balance, stress predisposes accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body. In return it makes us eat more food than necessary and negatively affects metabolism.
In addition to everything mentioned above, the poor quality of the food we eat - full of preservers, chemicals, enhancers, artificial flavors and other poisons, coupled with large amounts of sugar make the weight gaining problem even deeper. 
Have you ever seen your dog turning its nose and walking away when you offer cured meats or dry salami? You have seen it for sure. The dog refuses it, but we eat it. No wonder “love handles”, breeches, flapping bellies and cellulite are so common. 

When our clothes stop fitting we naturally begin looking for a solution. We want fast weight loss, to become slim and fit before our next date or for the beach season. We turn to weight loss diets, but we rarely get the results we want. Fast diets and starvation lead to the common yo-yo effect, and prolonged diets - they are just that - long. A lot of effort is required to lose a few pounds. At such times, we seek salvation in quick, miraculous methods – but what would they be? Using chemical concoctions and products further tax our body, which is already riddled with toxins from enhancers and metabolic products, and very often they are very expensive. Then we start searching for an easier way, a natural product, something that does not require much time and effort. We have found the solution. Herba Detox Tea is a natural product with proven beneficial effects on the body. The recipe, known for its beneficial qualities as early as a century ago, predisposes the body to cope with these issues on its own. Our body is working around the clock and with the right support could be melting fat at all times. The herbal mix in Herba Detox Tea works. First of all, it impacts all those superfluous compounds in the body that prevent it from functioning right. Detoxification is the first step towards the best natural shape and functional rate of our body. 

Once our body has been cleansed, Herba Detox Tea's takes onto the next "task": bringing back our metabolism rates back to normal. It helps our body begin absorbing the healthy and beneficial substances from the food in the optimal natural way once again. The body begins to recognize and discard the stored toxins and harmful substances inside us. The tea also promotes a regular and healthy bowel movement. 
The advantage of Herba Detox Tea is that it naturally supports the functions in the body; the weight loss becomes smooth and gradual and does not result in a yo-yo effect. Another "bonus" of using Herba Detox Tea is that it helps break down the most stubborn subcutaneous fat, namely those around your hips. Love handles are the most difficult to deal with. However, by promoting the natural processes in our body, the tea allows us to get rid of those annoying "love handles". 

What happens to us while we sleep? Our brain waves slow down, the blood pressure drops and the heart beat calms down. We rest. Almost all body functions slow down significantly and our body begins to restore. As we sleep our brain runs a body analysis! Our brain does not sleep at all while we are resting. It operates at the same rate, as when we are awake. While we sleep, our brain processes and analyzes the past events, checks the state of the internal organs. With all this we just want to tell you that your body does its best work during sleep. The minerals you absorb from Herba Detox Tea are also subject to analysis and guidance from brain. All chemical compounds begin interacting and asserting their influence. The most active help we get from the tea is at night. Subsequently, the biggest impact from the Herba Detox Tea you feel waking up in the morning. Just look in the mirror and you will notice the differences. By the morning, a large amount of harmful toxins and excess fat have already been prepared for removal. Many people have already trusted our herbal tea to detoxify their bodies, lose weight and remain satisfied with the results. Kick start your game and allow your body to deal naturally with the issues that lead to obesity. 

Make the process easy and enjoyable with a cup of Herba Detox Tea. 

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for 21 days
170 g.
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