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The HERBAL TEA for losing pounds. The old recipe is still popular today!

The HERBAL TEA for losing pounds. The old recipe is still popular today!

How to lose weight is a matter of many, buts..! The causes for weight gain are many and with different origins - psychological and physical stress, irregular eating, insomnia, genetic predisposition, lack of physical activities, and so on.

Anyone who has taken the road of weight loss knows that it is not easy and often, despite our efforts, the result is either very belated or very insufficient. And we will not even mention the yo-yo effect! Of course, the speed of wight loss is also related to the individual features of the body. We can not compare the excessed 5-6 pounds with 10-15 pounds, or 4-5 cm off the waist with 15-20 cm from the same area. The first things that come to our mind when we want to slim down are diets and physical activities. Why, however, this is not enough? Because the problem is not only in the fat accumulation. In addition to the fact that fat in time becomes more solid and compact, it also contains other substances which remains in our body and slows down the function of the metabolism. These are the artificial chemicals used in our food and beverages - all food additives, improvers, preservatives, dyes, adhesives, flavors and others. 

Little is known for the fact that the substances imitating the taste of meat and cheese used in snacks, chips, semi-finished products, broths and ready-made soups of powder have an addictive effect. This makes us eat more and more. Other toxins come from alcohol and medicines. All of these substances are heavy and unnecessary for our body and it does not know how to react to them. Often they cause the deposition of slag in the intestine, liver difficulty and water retention, which makes us even more severe. Restraining the body from certain substances during the diet is harmful, it doesn't help to get rid of the surpluses and it further aggravates it.

In fact, the deprivation of fat in the diet is the most common mistakes. The natural oily substances are important for the cell processes, the regulation of the metabolism and for the immune system. The excess carbohydrates and proteins are chemically processed and they also form fatty deposits. The lack of enough nutrients leads to rapid tiredness, fatigue, irritability and in general, the stress of the body. Starvation is not an effective remedy because it leads to slow metabolism and it is the cause of the yo-yo effect. Therefor, diets and the restriction of some of the nutrients are ineffective. We need to start by clearing the body of toxins and slags, throwing away all those substances that contain our fat deposits, which also block the our natural cleaning mechanisms. 

Herba Detox Tea and the combination of herbs work, first and foremost, on all those redundant compounds in the body that prevent it from functioning properly. The detoxification is the first step towards a better figure and the natural rate of function of our body. Of course, this is cannot be done with a magic wand. The length of the process depends on the amount of toxins in the body. After purifying the body, Herba Detox next "task" is to return the metabolism to its normal labor. This means, keeping the substances useful to the organism in the right and optimal way, as well as disposing of toxins from the body and the restoration of the regular defecating twice a day. The advantage of Herba Detox tea is the natural effect on the organism - slimming becomes smooth and gradual and does not create a yo-yo effect. Another "bonus" of using Herba Detox Tea is that it helps break down the most stubborn subcutaneous fat, precisely those around the hips. 

Belly fat is the most difficult to deal with. However, the natural action of the tea on the body gives us the opportunity to get rid of the annoying love handles. We should't lose weight quickly because the accumulated fat deposits must be removed slowly in order to achieve results that are long lasting. The more stubborn our body is, the more time it will take to restore its natural rhythm.

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